..and that is all I want to do all my life. My dance inspires my life and today, I feel inspired to explore and express this beautiful art form through my own Dance & Gymnastics Academy: Phulawa’s School of Dance & Gymnastics (PSDG).

Dancing is my passion and my career and I have been fortunate enough to merge the two to fulfil my dreams of becoming a dancer. As a professional, I work as a choreographer for television, theatre and films to interact and learn from my audience, peers and seniors.

I bring all of this into my academy where I can nurture and teach children and adults and infuse in them the spirit of dance and give them an opportunity to discover the joy of dancing.

Welcome to PSDG!

Dabba Gul Grand FInale

Kids of PSDG performin with Sakshi Tisgaonkar in Dabba Gul Grand Finale

AAdya 2012 Finale Dance

Faculty performing Koli Dance at PSDG's annual concert AADYA 2012 on 27th December 2012.

Jallosh Suvarna Yugacha

Phulawa Khamkar performing at Jallosh Suvarna Yugacha Episode

Dabba Gul Grand Finale

PSDG Kids performing in Dabba Gul Finale..


Admissions are open! To find out more contact us via email or phone.


For information about our academy, admissions, events and programmes, contact us

Email: contact@phulawadanceschool.com
Call: +91. 98219.71748: Mr. Pramod (Manager)
  +91. 80826.68088: Krupa